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Around the World In Magnets expands with Carl Joshua Ncube for African Edition

Building a Global Community

Around the World In Magnets, a popular publication that celebrates the collection of magnets from different travel destinations, has partnered with comedian chef and creative Carl Joshua Ncube to create an African Edition. This collaboration brings together the unique experiences of Carl’s Rural BnB rural travel initiative and the innovative magnet collection concept. With this exciting partnership, Carl’s travels across various African villages will be immortalized in fridge magnets and corresponding stories published in a book. Driven by the idea of promoting cultural and heritage assets, the publication aims to grow its global reach by incorporating the diverse perspectives and narratives found in Carl’s African expeditions.

The Journey of Carl Joshua Ncube

Carl Joshua Ncube is widely recognized as a talented comedian, chef, and creative entrepreneur. Known for his passion for exploring rural areas, Carl founded the Rural BnB travel initiative, which offers travelers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and authenticity of African villages. His captivating journeys have now caught the attention of Around the World In Magnets, providing an opportunity to encapsulate these adventures in a creative and tangible way. As part of this collaboration, magnets will be designed based on Carl Joshua Ncube’s adventures, creating a unique and diverse African Edition set. Each magnet will not only feature iconic landmarks and scenery but also capture the essence of the local culture and traditions. By translating the stories and vibrant moments of his travels into tangible magnets, Carl’s African BnB experiences will become cherished mementos for magnet collectors and travel enthusiasts alike.

Carl Joshua Ncube’s culinary expertise will also be highlighted in the collaboration. His popular CHIKAFU book series, known for its delicious and innovative dishes, will have magnets representing these mouth-watering creations. This synergy will allow fans of both the publication and Carl’s culinary adventures to immerse themselves in his world through both the books and the corresponding magnets. The partnership between Around the World In Magnets and Carl Joshua Ncube marks an exciting chapter in the publication’s journey. By combining magnet collecting with authentic travel experiences and culinary delights, this collaboration aims to unite people from all walks of life, fostering a global community that appreciates cultural diversity and heritage. With Carl’s African Edition, the publication will continue to inspire and connect magnet collectors worldwide, ensuring that every fridge magnet holds a unique story waiting to be told.

The Collaboration

The announcement of this collaboration was made by Dr. Anthony Vipin Das and Vidushi Duggal, founders and co-authors of Around the World In Magnets. Both were thrilled to expand their publication’s reach and create a global community of magnet collectors who appreciate cultural and heritage treasures. By incorporating Carl’s African Village travels, the publication will further enrich its collection with authentic stories and experiences.

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Rural BNB, where the authentic spirit of local hospitality meets the exciting journey of “Around the World in Magnets.” This partnership brings a unique travel experience to life, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of rural Africa while collecting exclusive souvenir magnets that encapsulate the essence of their journey. From vibrant marketplaces to breathtaking landscapes, this collaboration aims to showcase the beauty and diversity of the African countryside. Stay tuned for a delightful fusion of travel narratives and cultural exploration, making your stay an unforgettable adventure. Here’s to discovering our amazing world, one magnet at a time!

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