What you will find in the book

Travel Magnets

Magnets are a common collectible item and many travellers brings back these little pieces from their explorative journeys. This book is a collection of some of the most unique magnets from around the world.

Personal Experiences

Everyone has a personal travel style and every trip is unique with its own cherished memories. This book is a collection of personal experiences from travels across the world.

Places to Explore

It’s never just the one place that a person visits. The book offers an insight into the different places in and around a site that one can visit and explore. Experience them all in the book.

World Heritage

Around the world, the United Nations has marked sites that hold significant historic value in the shaping of a region. The book explores some of these wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

For the

Love of Travel


Anthony Vipin Das

An eye surgeon by profession and an explorer at heart, Vipin is all about discovering new cultures across the world. He is making his way through the long list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world, one at a time! When he’s not working or traveling, he cherishes his time playing the piano.

Vidushi Duggal

Vidushi is the happiest when she’s traveling, exploring new cultures and food from around the world. She chose the writing profession, knowing that it wouldn’t keep her in one location and she could explore the world without feeling tied down. It is the history and culture of a place that draws her in.

Recent Reviews

Satya Dontamsetti
Satya DontamsettiEdmund Hillary Fellow
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The magnet collection is awe inspiring. It takes you on a unique journey of discovering and documenting the world and the travel bug will bite you for sure!
Mishkkaa Verma
Mishkkaa VermaStudent
Read More
Easy and Convenient to read at anytime and anywhere! Love the way this book has thrown light upon magnets and creatively described each one's unique story
Hannah Garrigan
Hannah GarriganSurgeon
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Very creative book - given me lots of inspiration for future travels! If you love travel, this is a must read for you. Well done!
Janvi A Iyer
Janvi A IyerStudent
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This book describes places, monuments, culture, people from around the world through magnets! Once I started to read the book, it was impossible for me to put it down.

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