Basel, located in northwest Switzerland along the Rhine River, is a captivating city celebrated for its rich history, thriving cultural scene, and lively atmosphere. It offers a unique and enchanting experience, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, to visitors from all over the world.

The city’s historical significance is apparent in its well-preserved medieval old town, known as Altstadt. Meandering through its narrow cobblestone streets, visitors can appreciate beautifully restored buildings, charming squares, and intricately designed fountains. The prominent Basel Minster, constructed with striking red sandstone, stands as a notable landmark, overseeing the city and offering breath-taking panoramic views from its tower.

Basel’s reputation as a cultural hub shines through its impressive array of museums. The Kunstmuseum Basel, one of the oldest and most esteemed art museums globally, houses an extensive collection spanning from Old Masters to contemporary works. Another gem is the Fondation Beyeler, located just outside the city, which boasts a remarkable assemblage of modern and contemporary art within an architecturally stunning setting.

For music enthusiasts, Basel is home to the renowned Basel Symphony Orchestra and the Theatre Basel, presenting a diverse range of performances throughout the year. Moreover, the city hosts the internationally acclaimed Art Basel fair, attracting art lovers and collectors worldwide to its prestigious exhibitions.

Basel’s vibrant cultural scene is further highlighted by its annual carnival, known as Fasnacht. This exuberant festival, held in February, captivates attendees with its elaborate parades, vibrant costumes, and traditional music, fostering a jubilant and festive atmosphere.

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in Basel’s scenic location along the Rhine River. The riverbanks provide idyllic spots for relaxation, picnicking, and leisurely walks or bike rides. During the summer, locals and visitors flock to the Rhine for refreshing swims or to partake in the unique tradition of floating down the river on wooden barges.

Basel’s culinary offerings are another delight, encompassing a wide array of restaurants, cafés, and local markets. Visitors can savour Swiss delicacies, international cuisines, and the city’s renowned gourmet chocolates.

With its captivating history, world-class art institutions, vibrant festivals, and breath-taking natural surroundings, Basel is an enthralling destination that promises an abundance of experiences for all travellers. Whether wandering its historical streets, immersing oneself in art and culture, or simply embracing the lively ambiance, Basel leaves an indelible impression on all who visit.

The Magnet from Basel

The magnet from Basel, Switzerland is a very graphic one and combines several elements. The magnet is in the shape of the country, outlined in red, the primary colour in the Swiss flag.

At the top of the magnet, the name of the town is written in white on a red background. Just beneath that is a row of houses that make for a picturesque scene in the beautiful country.

In the centre, under the row of houses, is a river which is symbolic of the River Rhine.

Under the river, there is another row of colourful houses and the name of the country at the bottom left corner. There is also a green tram at the bottom right side which is representative of the mode of transportation in the city.

Exploring Basel

From rich cultural experiences to stunning architecture, delightful cuisine, and picturesque surroundings, Basel has something for everyone. Here is a comprehensive list of things to do in Basel:

  • Explore the Old Town (Altstadt): Wander through the charming narrow streets, admire beautifully preserved medieval buildings, and visit the Basel Minster for panoramic views of the city.
  • Visit the Kunstmuseum Basel: Discover one of the oldest and most important art museums in the world, featuring an extensive collection ranging from Old Masters to contemporary art.
  • Immerse yourself in modern art at the Fondation Beyeler: Located just outside the city, this museum showcases a remarkable collection within a stunning architectural setting.
  • Experience the Carnival (Fasnacht): Join the lively festivities in February, featuring elaborate parades, vibrant costumes, and traditional music.
  • Take a scenic walk along the Rhine River: Enjoy the picturesque riverbanks, relax in one of the many parks, or take a boat tour to appreciate Basel from a different perspective.
  • Explore the Tinguely Museum: Delve into the world of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely and his fascinating kinetic sculptures and art installations.
  • Visit the Basel Zoo: Spend a day exploring one of Switzerland’s oldest and largest zoos, home to a wide variety of animal species.
  • Discover the Basel Paper Mill: Learn about the history of papermaking and bookbinding through interactive exhibits and workshops.
  • Take a guided tour of the Basel Rathaus: Explore the impressive City Hall with its intricate frescoes and grand halls.
  • Enjoy a performance at the Theatre Basel: Experience a theatre production, opera, or ballet performance at one of Switzerland’s most renowned theatres.
  • Visit the Botanical Garden: Stroll through this peaceful oasis featuring a vast array of plant species and beautifully landscaped gardens.
  • Indulge in Swiss cuisine: Taste local specialties such as Basel-style roasted flour soup, traditional Swiss cheese fondue, and mouth-watering Swiss chocolate.
  • Visit the Basel Historical Museum: Learn about the city’s history, culture, and traditions through a diverse range of exhibitions and artifacts.
  • Take a day trip to the Rhine Falls: Venture outside of Basel and marvel at the largest waterfall in Europe, located just a short distance away.
  • Experience the Basel Christmas Market: During the holiday season, immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the city’s enchanting Christmas market.
  • Attend the Basel Tattoo: Experience the impressive international military music show held annually, featuring marching bands and breath-taking performances.
  • Visit the Schaulager: Explore this unique art space combining exhibition areas, storage, and research facilities for contemporary art.
  • Relax in one of Basel’s parks: Enjoy the tranquil ambiance of parks like the Kannenfeldpark, Merian Park, or the Rheinpark.
  • Visit the Museum of Natural History: Explore the fascinating world of natural sciences through interactive exhibits and displays of diverse plant and animal specimens.
  • Take a river cruise: Embark on a relaxing boat cruise along the Rhine River, taking in the scenic views of Basel’s landmarks and surrounding landscapes.
  • Explore the Museum der Kulturen: Immerse yourself in the cultures of the world at this ethnographic museum, showcasing artifacts from different continents and civilizations.
  • Attend a football match: Cheer for the local team, FC Basel, at St. Jakob-Park Stadium, known for its electrifying atmosphere during matches.
  • Visit the Basel Art Center: Discover contemporary art exhibitions, artist studios, and workshops in this dynamic art space dedicated to supporting local and international artists.
  • Attend the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show: If you’re a fan of luxury timepieces and fine jewellery, don’t miss this prestigious international trade fair held annually in Basel.
  • Explore Basel’s Street art scene: Take a self-guided tour or join a street art tour to discover the city’s vibrant urban art, murals, and graffiti.

With its diverse range of attractions, cultural events, and scenic surroundings, Basel offers endless possibilities for exploration and enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the city’s art, history, and vibrant atmosphere, and embrace the unique experiences that Basel has to offer.